Volumio, any other users?


Hi all,

I’ve worked on a freelance job in my spare time, and thought I’d share.

The client I am working for recommended that I should use this OS for what they wanted. It’s called Volumio, and thanks to the help of @notandrewkaye, we were able to get it running quite quick. I’ve been playing around with it on my own since, and find it a bit counterintuitive but still easy to use. It’s all done over a webui which is attractive.

Curious if anyone has used this, and has any positive or negative experience with it.

Anyhow, I didn’t find anything on here on it so I thought I’d share.


Haven’t used it, but it looks great for sound + raspberry pi / UDOO, etc.


Yea, it’s been pretty steady so far. It sounds pretty great with the HifiBerry DAC board.


I used this briefly in my studio! It was nice!

Then I got an extra projector, and cloned my living-room Raspbmc instance to get video support. It’s less nice.