Using Kinectv2 on osx with max7


Trying to get a Kinectv2 to work with Max7 on macOS 10.13. Any one know of solutions?
I have been looking into the ta.jit.kinect2 external, but have been unable to get it to work.
I have installed libfreenect2 and ran the protonect example (which works swimmingly. My kinectv2 also works in openFrameworks ). Every time I try to toggle on the qmetro in the ta.jit.kinect2 help patch Max freezes. I don’t know, maybe I have the libfreenect2 installed/placed in the wrong location for the external to run? Not really sure how to link/include it (and yes, I am running Max in 64-bit mode)
Any insights/suggests would be extremely helpful.