Urban CCD / Argonne opening


For those of you who have heard me, Douglas Pancoast, and other talk about the Array of Things project here is an interesting opportunity with the next phase of the project:

The Urban Center for Computation and Data at Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago is looking for people who want to help cities work better, through an ambitious “quantified city” measurement system (Array of Things) and associated data infrastructure, making the data useful to scientists, policymakers, and regular people… The project involves deploying 500 devices with embedded computing, lots of sensors, etc, in Chicago over the next 18 months.

Another 17 cities (so far) globally are interested in pilot projects that will begin next Spring, through research partnerships with universities in those cities.

  1. DevOPs system Administration: Array of Things

UrbanCCD is in need of someone with development and operations (DevOps) skills interested in pioneering advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and managing the successful deployment and operation of scientific research instrument.

  1. Array of things data systems engineer

UrbanCCD is in search of someone to manage the central database system and the integration of sensor data into http://plenar.io, in collaboration with the Plenario Lead Engineer. In addition, this position maintains the open source code for the system in Github (https://github.com/waggle-sensor/) and interfaces with a growing international community of developers and users to address and incorporate user needs.