Upload to Arduino via Bluetooth


Hello everyone,

I would simply like to upload a sketch to my Arduino without a USB cable (the Arduino will be hard to access when installed).

I bought this bluetooth shield. Unfortunately it’s really bad documented and I can’t figure out what to actually do with it. Their Wiki page isn’t helpful, and only describes how to use several Arduinos as Master and Slaves. What steps do I have to undertake to upload via Bluetooth?

Do I have to upload a sketch to the Arduino (via USB) to make it communicate, or is it enough to just plug the shield on top of the Arduino and connect it via the D0 and D1 serial connections? Should it be discoverable from my Mac or should I just be able to choose “Bluetooth” in the Arduino GUI when uploading? How do I get my Mac and the Arduino to pair up?

Thanks for any tips!


As we discussed in person, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to access the bootloader with this Bluetooth Addon chip. It’s meant as a drop-in wireless alternative to the USB serial connection. Thus, I recommend using the USB extension cords I’m bringing tomorrow :smile: .


FYI it is supposedly possible to upload new Arduino sketches via XBee, although I have never do it myself and only witnessed it successfully done once. I’ve never heard of it being done over Bluetooth.


I had put together a tutorial for my company (OSEPP) that illustrates the basic setup for configuring serial communication with Bluetooth :