Updating RTAudio in OF


I wasn’t sure how to approach suggesting they update to the newest version and also including the WASAPI that was added in the newer version of RTAudio. I know there is compilation scripts in the scripts apothecary folder and its easy enough to change the version number but how do I go about telling it to compile for other versions too (not just direct sound)? Currently it looks like this:

elif [ "$TYPE" == "vs" -o "$TYPE" == "win_cb" ] ; then
		local API="--with-ds" # asio as well?
		echoWarning "TODO: build $TYPE"

would it just be a matter of updating it to be --with-wasapi?
I was referencing https://www.music.mcgill.ca/~gary/rtaudio/compiling.html
so my inclination was to use their naming paradigm _ _ WINDOWS_WASAPI__ but I thought I would ask here first. @bakercp I figured you would have some more knowledge on this


Honestly, I’m not sure – did you try it? :smile:


I have not haha, idk why I was apprehensive =P , I will try it later today. If i have success I will make a pull request and maybe update some other libraries while I am at it. Also I will probably post back here with anything


I altered the script a bit but now I am getting this error. I am using GIT Bash to run the scripts but it looks like it can’t find the compiler for Visual Studio