Trouble tunnelling django python script to ngrok local host (on raspberry pi)


Hi –

Trying to make a IVR phone tree using the Django - Twilio library. (following these instructions )

I have the python script tunneled to ngrok local host 8000, but it gives me a 404 error when I try to access the temp site – from a cursory google search, it could be a .wsgi issue ??? (

First time working with Django, so it might be a simple syntax issue with the script too (I just used the same script as the tutorial, but its two years old now, so unsure if that is another reason for error as well) –
Let me know if anyone has any directions to research!

---- Thanks!


Are you using this code?


using that code & – just tried to configure with

– still giving me same errors.
let me know if you have any suggestions

I can see GET /favicon.ico 404 Not Found errors in the HTTP Requests on my RPi && it says the tunnel status is online.

----- thank you!!!