Text Markup Addon?


Is there an addon that allows text markup so that I can set the color? I need to display HTML as a mock WYSWIG editor and it would be nice to be able to do text highlighting on the simple HTML.

Nothing fancy just something like this


just to clarify, r u trying to create html code that has syntax highlighting on the front-end of an html page? if so there’s lots of ways to do this, i’ve used something called [codemirror][1] before which essentially lets u create a “code editor” in the browser ( font-end ) see mr.doob’s rad implementation here: http://mrdoob.com/projects/htmleditor/ >> but for simple bits of code what i’ve done is created code snippets on github via [gists][2] && then embed them in html pages >> [here’s an example][3]

[1]: http://codemirror.com/ [2]: https://gist.github.com/ [3]: http://nickbriz.com/wired/day11.php


u know what… just realized this was tagged “openFrameworks” i assume u don’t mean an html page after all ^___^


Yeah it would be easier using HTML then openframeworks but its an embedded application not a web app. In my head it would mean having to track all the drawing positions and change colors based on the syntactical highlighting i desire, which I can already sense being an utter headache. Its already displaying markup so finding what to highlight is easy enough its just displaying it thats not.


The closest native option is probably https://github.com/Akira-Hayasaka/ofxGLEditor.

We use Ace Editor connected to openFrameworks via ofxHTTP / Websockets for ofSketch.

Alternatively, you could embed HTML inside a chrome embedded frame using CEF (see the oF forum for some recent work by Zach and others on that front).