TA in Contemporary Practices, experience w/programming for FY 2015-16


Course: Core 1 & 2
Fall 2015 & Spring 2016
Tuesdays 9 - 4

My TAs have multiple teaching opportunities, if they want. We teach programming, laser cutting/vectors, and much more to first year students.


Just wanted to plug for being a TA in Contemporary Practices. I had a great experience working in a CP classroom and the teacher I worked with gave me plenty of good opportunities to teach things and chime in. Definitely an opportunity worth looking into.


Thank you, Noah.

I was being a bit selfish because I wanted to find an ATS grad for my class (TUESDAYS). If you’re an ATS grad with programming experience and not available on Tuesday, drop whatever class you’re in on Tuesday so you can sign up with my class, but if you’re not available Tuesday, for serious, but still want to TA in Core, message me or email me @ atrowbridge@saic.edu and I will make sure you get in the queue for a Core TA. We want your programming/electronics/3d printing/video/sound skills.

Awesome ATS grads like Noah Coleman, Intae Hwang and Katherine Trimble have made lasting effects on first year SAIC students’ lives. Jessica Westbrook and I presented at FATE (Foundations in Art: Theory and Education) this year and programming and new media foundations sessions were very well attended. In my presentation, I said “Programming in foundations courses is INEVITABLE,” expecting to incite riots, and no one blinked.Your future academic art career might be foundations new media.

Contact me if you want to TA in a Core class, but especially if you want to TA on TUESDAYS.