STUART CANDY design futures lecture


STUART CANDY lecture - Feb 27th 12pm, AIADO, Sullivan Building, Room 1226

Stuart Candy (@futuryst) is a producer, strategist and educator. Director of the Situation Lab, foresight & design professor at OCAD University, and Fellow of The Long Now Foundation. His blog investigates
the intersection of forward thinking, media, activism, and design. He
is best known for his influential work in experiential futures and
design fiction, evoking worlds to come via tangible artifacts and
immersive encounters. In the past decade, Stuart has worked around the
world with governments at all levels, the Sydney Opera House, IDEO,
Wired magazine, Institute for the Future, and General Electric. He has
lectured at New York University, UC Berkeley, and the Royal College of
Art, and run workshops at Yale, Singularity University, and the TED
Conference. He has recently facilitated foresight processes for groups
including the Singaporean government, the leadership of Oxford
University, and Burning Man Australia.In particular he has recently created a carddeck game called ‘The Thing From The Future’ that
challenges players to collaboratively and competitively describe
objects from a range of alternative futures. He is also an associate
collaborator for The Extrapolation Factory - a consultancy that focus on developing future scenarios, embodied as artifacts in familiar, present-day contexts.