Spark Core is Here


So, I just got my Spark Core.

It’s very cool. If any oLab-ers want to play with it, let me know. I got it up and running quickly, but I’d love to see it put to good use in the oLab. Not sure how nicely it will play with the school wifi network, but we’ll see :smile:


Mine, too! Just tried wifi and usb config on the network here at IIT. No dice.


Re: wifi @ saic

I just posted this:



Well, got the thing working via a personal wifi router I put on the network. I still couldn’t get it to config over wifi. Had to use the USB/terminal method here:

Tinker app on iPhone now working!


Cool. I also got mine work @ home w/ usb terminal and then @notandrewkaye got it working with a hotspot + phone setup yesterday in class. They are pretty cool indeed!


I tested the Tinker app on both iPhone and Android KitKat. Works great!


Caution deploying these en masse if they’re not already set up and claimed. We broke out 12 in studio and utter mayhem ensued. Best to do it via USB because you can get your ID and then claim it via the website with the ID. The app grabs any core it can get, so students were claiming cores that weren’t their own.


Yeah, I was wondering what would happen in that case :smile: