Simple Live Video Feed


I’m a first year Fashion Grad, looking to do a simple live feed from a camcorder to a monitor. Is it as simple as connecting the two with an HDMI cable and hitting record? Thanks for the advice in advance!


What do you want to do with the live feed? Just show what the camera sees on a monitor?

Could you use the web camera built into the mac or do you need a specific camcorder for some other reason?


Yes! Just trying to show what the camera sees on the monitor, with sound, in real time. I would rather use a small camcorder from the media center than my laptop. Just wondering what the cable/s I should be using are, and whether or not I need to adjust any settings… Thanks in advance!


So, there are many cables to do this and it usually depends on the specific camera and the specific monitor / TV (usually computer monitors don’t output sound).

On most modern cameras there should be an HDMI output. On most modern TVs there should be an HDMI input. The only trick is that on most TVs they will take the typical Full-Size Type A connector whereas (in my experience) portable video cameras typically have ports for the smaller Type C orType D connector. There are adapters available for making connections between the various types.

Once you get it all hooked up and turn everything on, you’ll need to make sure the TV has the correct input / source selected (usually something like HDMI1 or HDMI2) and if you don’t see any output from the camera, you’ll need to confirm (using the camera’s user manual) that the HDMI video monitor output is enabled. Theoretically the HDMI cable should also carry the sound, but that may depend on the camera.

If your TV / Camera are older, this can all usually be accomplished using a composite video connection with stereo audio (usually via yellow, red and white RCA connectors).


This is great info. Thanks for all the details. I will have a chance to try it out with the particular camcorder I will be borrowing on Friday. All of your information is super clear, but if I have any issues, I’ll likely be back on here trying to sort it out. Thanks again!


So simple and straightforward, successful execution earlier this week. Thanks again for your help!