Screens / speakers for raspberry pi


hello openLab !
I am looking to purchase a 7-8 inch HD screen (to embed into a gallery wall) that is able to hook up to a raspberry pi playing a video loop. Sound is important so I’ll either be embedding stereo speakers into the wall or having them on stands.

If anyone has any screen recommendations / online retailers / Chicago retailers / speakers that work well with raspberry pi it would be much appreciated!


I like – they’ve got loads of displays. Amazon is, as always a cheap source as well.

Anyway, for a rapsberry pi, you’ll need something that has HDMI input. You could use composite input, but it’s not recommended because it won’t look as good.

In terms of speakers, the raspberry pi can output audio via its HDMI port or via its headphone jack. If you are using custom speakers – you can basically hack computer speakers – if you don’t have any already, I might recommend buying some cheap speakers such as or

You could just hack off the plastic cases and embed the raw speakers /wires in the wall.