Running a Pi for long periods


Hello all, I am planning on running a raspberry pi for three months straight @ 128 GPU memory split. Safe?

What if it were to shut down while running oF, would it corrupt the card? I remember corrupting some SD cards by unplugging the cord while it ran some js in the past.

Finally, is running it @ 256 GPU mem split risky?



I’ve used it in museum exhibits and have never had a problem, the 256 split might be a bit much, is there a reason you need that extra bump?


Do you recommend using a heatsink?
At 128 mem split my visualization would lag a bit. I’m playing hd video with moving text over it.

@bakercp, I am using ofOMXplayer on the pi and for some reason I can’t play a 1080p video, it lags a lot! I have to use 720p (which is fine but I would like 1080). Any idea why?


What format is the video in? If the video isn’t formatted 100% correctly I found that OMX players performance differs drastically. Is there a noticeable difference between the 1080 and 720p versions? Without a heatsink it was a gamble to run 1080 videos as they almost never lasted the entire day the museum was open, 720 had a lot better results. is there audio? you can get a performance boost if you strip the audio component and just use a raw h264 stream.


@jvcleave I haven’t used ofOMXPlayer recently – have you had any problems with it?

Also, I believe that OMX components have been added to the native ofVideoPlayer (and GStreamer) on the pi – @jvcleave can you confirm?


@miguel yeah - 720 works best in textured mode.

I know there is an issue with compiling with the latest firmware/OF .84 but there is a fairly simple workaround. I just haven’t had the time to test it myself yet.

I think all of the gstreamer omx stuff available component-wise but it would probably take a custom pipeline to enable it.