RaspberryPi web server


You mentioned in passing that you created a web server for the Pi. Is this code somewhere (a la GitHub) that I can get to it and try it? Also how does using what you wrote compare to Google Coder?

And to anyone else here: can you share tips/tricks about port forwarding your home routers?


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https://github.com/bakercp/ofxHTTP This is what is underneath kib.io and ofSketch.

Google coder uses a node.js based web server. Mine is written from the ground up in C++ using a lot of the Poco components.



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You can use a framework that comes with a HTTP server builtin. (Django [python], Rails [ruby], Express [node.js]…) or since it’s linux you can also run Nginx or Apache.

I highly recommend Nginx over apache as well. It’s config is simpler and is event driven.


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