Raspberry Pi workshop


Hello everyone,

Could we have a poll on who would be interested in a Raspberry Pi workshop, and what topics they would like to have covered?

Last year’s in class demo was too short for me to really grasp it, and I’m looking for some (longer) in-depth intro, so I would be able to take it from there and learn more by myself. @bakercp hinted that this might happen towards the end of the semester. Personally, I would be interested in:

  • set it up so I can access it via wifi and won’t need an external screen
  • using it as a master to control several arduinos (via serial or bluetooth?)
  • control/change/upload via wifi
  • using it as a basic media player playing HD files
  • maybe: using mini camera

Again, this can obviously not all be covered in one workshop, but the intro to the essential concepts etc. What about you all?


or: maybe in the first days or pre spring semester? people might have more time there.


All that would be quite handy for me just about now, as I’m going to need to be getting into all of this quite soon myself. It would also be great to work on our own PI’s if possible…


Just to be specific, since I went through this earlier this year, the first bullet point should cover:

  • Background vs foreground terminal commands + the disown command so that you can start a process from ssh and have it keep running after you close the connection. Piping stdout+sterr to a file would also be useful here. Link
  • ssh into pi over an internet connection (guide) and VNC (remote desktop) access to pi for when you need to see what’s happening in a GUI (guide)


+1 for working with Pi and Arduino!!
Also, using the Pi for simple Arduino-like applications (servos, maybe sensors) where linking a the two would be impractical


I would love to participate/help out with this. We just ran a fairly successful (I think) demo in @notandrewkaye’s class.


I’d be down to help too. My schedule is a bit tight but at the very least I can help coordinate / plan content or technical things.

Any thoughts on timeline?