Public Lab Midwest Regional Barnraising


Public Lab is excited to announce that this year the second annual Regional Barnraising will be in Chicago, IL, June 13th and 14th!

June 13th: Unconference hosted at CivicLab; learning, sharing, doing, intro to Public Labbing, communing, visioning.

June 14th: Field work at the KCBX Petcoke facilities in Southeast Chicago; boats, balloon mapping, water and air quality, community.

The Public Lab Regional Barnraising is an event hosted by the Public Lab community. The event focuses on actively working to address environmental issues by engaging people to work collaboratively using local resources, science and DIY technology. In the spirit of bringing a community together to collectively raise a structure such as a barn, we come together to put ideas to test. Participants in this event will come from all over the midwest and represent a wide range of interests from technologists and designers, to social scientists and community organizers.

We encourage you and your constituents to join us for the weekend or even for a day!

For more information, and to register, go here: