Possible influx of new people


Hey everyone, barring some acute change of heart I will be the main lab assistant in the physical computing lab here at DePaul and I thought I may use openLab as a way to help people with questions. I already get like 100 emails a day so I can’t really offer one on one advice with people all day every day so I think I will use my power to invite people to direct people at the lab to ask their questions here. I hope thats not a problem. I know this was created as part of the SAIC so I don’t want to step on anyones toes and thought I’d ask first.

The lab is brand new, we have a new makerbot replicator, a shapoko cnc mill and will have a full spectrum engineering 40W laser in the near future. Currently the most common thing is the game design students working with raspberry pis but I think there will be more digital fab and electronics questions upcoming. I would hope this would be a good opportunity for people to learn from each other.