Please help with web scrapping


I am attempting to compile a vast array of photos relating to a specific place for a project. I would like to compile all of this information within a single composition- something like a large gridded wallpaper. I need to get as much information as possible, so I did some research and found web scrapping. I have a very basic understanding of c++ but not enough to be able to easily understand what tutorials I have found.

Does anyone know a simple way to do this? If so, can you please provide some quick instruction as well?

Thanks a lot,


hi @msoldani24 could u xplain a bit more what u mean? what do u mean by “specific place”? are the photos u plan on working w/ available online? ( only available online? ) are they in a specific place? ( google image search results for example or a particular archive page )


It sounds like you’re describing part of the process that went into Photo Tourism, at least in terms of collecting massive numbers of pictures of a specific place. That project went into Microsoft’s Photosynth. I doubt either of those is what you’re looking for but I thought they might be of interest.


Thanks for your responses @nickbriz and @atrowbridge. For this project I basically need to collect an many images of the city of Valletta, Malta as possible (in the 7,000-8,000 range would be preferable). The main sites being google image search results, tumblr, and various local Maltese cultural websites. I have read that getting images from google images or sites like tumblr are a bit more complex because the images link to other pages. While the images from smaller sites like the local Maltese sites have embedded images which will be easier to extract. So I am looking for a way to extract these images as efficiently as possible. Do you understand what I am trying to do?


Can you post links to the tutorials you found? I can’t see why it would need to be in c++, but maybe you were looking for c++ solutions?