piDAR for easy audio output


This is probably not something that a lot of people outside the museum industry run into but digital audio repeaters tend to be expensive and dumb so I wrote this script to make the pi a much better alternative. Someone here might find it useful and its still got some features that need to be added.


Hey @dominic_a_amato could you describe when a digital audio repeater might be used and what it does exactly?


Sure its probably something people aren’t used to but they are practically everywhere in the museum industry. Whenever you press a button and audio plays like at a kiosk or something its probably a DAR, also known as a digital message repeater. Look at this awesome site for examples

Essentially its just a series of inputs sometimes as little as 2 and then it plays audio out. You format a flash disk (if anyone remembers those) or an sd card with a naming convention and audio will play based on the convention.They are essentially supposed to be a cheaper alternative to nettop computers and allow for input without a separate controller but they are still a bit clunky and dumb so the point of the piDAR is to replace such things.

Sort of a weird niche thing but they could be super useful for people who just want to put audio interactivity into something with little cost and a customizable control scheme. That’s the hope anyways =P