Organizing an exhibition


Hello All!

I’m trying to organize an event to showcase/do a group show for involving my work, and including several artists I met in SF, and NYC, that definitely work with a similar theme.

their works are found at and

I’d love to involve people in Chicago, and through Facebook, David Quiles Guillo is interested in also getting involved.

Since, I’m still a “baby” to Chicago, (only four weeks in).
But I’m interested in getting people involved. Maybe we can get everyone funding through KickStarter, etc.

Also, making an event involving Chiptunes musicians from NYC, or electronic artists from LA, etc.

The perfect example of what I’m trying to “replicate” in a way is this

I’m trying to also contact Gray Area Tech, and CODAME (in SF) to do “sister” events.

If anyone has any thoughts about this event/festival, etc.
I’d love any thoughts, suggestions, etc.