Openframeworks Get-together


OF 0.9.0 is coming up but we need to address some issues before its release plus adding in minor feature requests. I will be on vacation this coming monday but how about this weekend we crank out some updates, together! Does anyone have an idea for a location or a preference I should say? @bakercp @brannondorsey @mikewesthad @twobeers83

Those who aren’t super sure they can contribute can come and learn too so don’t be shy :smile:


We could certainly do it at my studio, or potentially @ SAIC if that is easier for everyone.

Also, there’s plenty of documentation to do :smile:

I can figure out how to provide food and drinks.

ping @abrahamavnisan


I don’t know if I’m available, but I think that’s a great idea.

Zach said something on the devlist about spearheading a push on ofBook to get it released with 0.9. That could be another thing on the meetup’s agenda. That book could always use edits, so that’s an option for anyone who wants to contribute but isn’t comfortable contributing code or documentation!


Hey all! This sounds great. I am down for this weekend :smile:


Want to do your studio? depaul’s internet is pretty slow though we have plenty of space. ill throw in money for food and stuff. I’ve made a list of doable topics and open issues


Great idea! Sadly I will not be able to join this weekend. Hope you guys have a blast!


What day are we thinking? Sunday?


Preferably today (saturday) since I have the most availability today and not so much sunday. I will be downtown at DePaul later this morning so I should be nearby to SAIC


I’m not downtown today but could make it to Chris’ studio if that is still where we are planning to meet. If not I should be able to meet somewhere else as well.


Whatever works best for you guys I can show up where ever really. @bakercp what is best for you?


Hey all – sorry – today got swallowed up by a block party. I think we might have to reschedule.


I’m a bit too far from Chicago, but I will work my way through ofBook and will do my first openSource contributions ever by finding some typos. :smile:


I am back from vacation. Any one have availability coming up to try again at meeting up?


This sounds great, is it still happening? I’m an exchange student and just getting into OF :slight_smile:


I think it depends on everyone’s schedule. Not this weekend as I just got released from the hospital yesterday and am still recovering from a hit and run accident while I was biking.


Oh no that’s horrible, I’m sorry. Well let me know :slight_smile:


Has anyone talked to the guys over at Digital Kitchen? Those guys have definitely done work with OF, I would imagine they might have some interest meeting some of the devs and contributing