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Hey All,

I am copying the email from @zimmer_derek who I know through a mutual friend. I figured I would share this opportunity with everyone since my web coding is probably like 10th on my list of language proficiency. Also I figured some of you guys might find the project pretty interesting and like to help out. I think at least @brannondorsey you would find this pretty interesting.

============================= Below is the copied email

Hello! This is a list of the changes that we need done to in order to be satisfied with the state of the site. We were going to do a simple HTML5 template but thanks to Googles “mobile-apocalypse” update we are having to go with PHP and CSS in Wordpress as we must have a responsive site.

Front page of
Color scheme change, replace all “pink” areas with another color of our choosing.
Custom insert of vector images for the small icons above the 3 types of funding/support.

Sitewide issue:
Redundant Titles showing up on new pages.
Tables cannot be created without borders, CSS seems to be overriding it which is causing formatting problems.

Examples of both issues:

Top Donors page:
Needs a 3 pane table, will suffer from the same tables issue.

Site Footer:
Remove all current footer info, replace with copyright.

We want to replace some of the colors on the site with our own. We have decided on a color pallet but not the specifics of what color goes where yet.

The color scheme will likely be what is attached.

Last but not least:
ALL CHANGES MUST BE DONE IN A WORDPRESS CHILD THEME. This is to prevent a theme update from overriding all of these changes.

Our web guys (who don’t know PHP/CSS) have estimated the amount of work to be “a few hours”. We are more than willing to offer services in exchange (plug a site on our front page, blog mention, a free 2 year VikingVPN account, security hardening of a web server, a one off SEO optimization of paid search or organic search optimization, etc)