ofSoundStream in Ubuntu/Linux


so i’ve gradually been switching all my day to day computation over from Mac to Linux ( it’s generally been a very smooth && rewarding xperience :slight_smile: but that’s another convo ) …and i got openFrameworks setup on code::blocks which overall has been working fine, but i’m having issues getting ofSoundStream to work, neither the audioInputExample nor the audioOutputExample are working ( in terms of sound, graphically they’re responsive ).

is there something obvious code::blocks/linux ofFolks are familiar w/that i’m missing?



Very strange … I’m assuming you can get sound I/O from other sources on your machine? I don’t think it’s a codeblocks-specific thing, but probably an audio driver specific thing …


yea. in fact sound is working in openframeworks too ( for example projects i had made w/ ofSoundPlayer still work fine ) it’s specifically related to ofSoundStream… i don’t really understand the details of how openframeworks incorporates all the libraries && resources therein ( something i’d like to understand better at some point) but this is why my guess is that it has something to do w/the bits related to ofSoundStream on Linux b/c the projects work fine on Mac && other sound related things ( like ofSoundPlayer ) are working fine on linux, it’s specifically ofSoundStream on Ubuntu, i could try running the projects on other distros && machines to see if i can narrow it down some more, but i just wanted to check in w/ the crowd here to see if there was something specific related to ofSoundStream on Linux that i might have been unfamiliar with



Also – what version of oF are you using? And what version of Ubuntu – there are a tonne of changes and in-progress things happening on the master branch right now with ofSoundStream. I’d definitely use 0.8.4 release if you aren’t already.

Ping @arturoc on the openFrameworks forum and he might have some tips …


yea i’m on 0.8.4 && my Ubuntu is also up to speed 14.04
i’ve never posted on the openFrameworks forum ( only lurked ) maybe now’s the time ^___^


ok figured it out… probably shoulda tried this earlier but didn’t think to till now ( only been messing w/openFrameworks on/off for a couple months so still familiarizing myself w/basix ) after listing devices i realized that my “default” was 4, so once i .setDeviceID(4); everything started working as normal -____-

hopefully this’ll help any other of_on_linux begginners