New ARM board, "Rubix" w/ Arduino form factor coming to market


Hey all,

I just wanted to forward along a project i’m lucky to be a part of with some great/innovative people. Its a new ARM board titled, Rubix with an Arduino shield form factor. We are in the developing stages of launching a Kickstarter to showcase our prototypes, reliability :wink: , etc

The spec page is up (official site to come) :



Looks good to me. I’m currently a beta tester on the Arduino Tre and also working actively with the UDOO and pcDuino … and it’s hard work to get one of these boards up to snuff.

If you have any influence on the development, please make sure that you include the opengl drivers and kernel support with the default linux distro. It will be much more attractive if the A10’s published specs are supported upon release. :slight_smile: Many linux boards like this list the things that it could theoretically support, but don’t include support on the default distro, which turns people off really quickly and they move on.

A lot of work has been done recently w/ the AW A10 and the opengl drivers on the pcduino, so you should be able to get some initial hints there.

Anyway, looking forward to it!



I had just asked the engineer a couple of my own questions:

1. Is the OS compiled with hard float tags or soft float?

Our Rubix’s Linux is compiled with hard float, and include arm-linux-gnueabihf compiler, and all libraries support hard float.

2. -Are their supplied libraries/scripts, etc to access the GPIO (male header pins) shipped with the Rubix?

Our Rubix is very easy to turn on or off GPIO, include 9 groups GPIO, using simple Linux script to access GPIO pins which have fixed port number. The male header pins are defined in our Rubix datasheet.

Awaiting a reply on your questions.

Edit: to answer your questions Chris, yes… Apparently OpenGL/Kernal support is out of the box