Lytro illum Alpha testers


Hey All,

Lytro… the company that made light field photography available at a reasonable price to consumers has released an API of tools for their Lytro illum camera software, and desktop tools software:

(side note: older company working with light field optics: (i.e. )

The API is a set of Python tools. I am respecting their NDA by not posting work or documentation since its Alpha ATM.

I personally own a Lytro Illum camera and am really excited about this attempt to computationally work with photography (and questioning what a digital photo can be). my gallery if curious:

side note: The numbers havent lied in the lack of enthusiasm for light field tech for the average consumer. The company has shifted quite a bit of their efforts else where such as VR, video which will be exciting to see in the future.


Interesting stuff – a few openFrameworks people have played with Lytro a bit as well e.g.


I came across @jvcleave 's example. Its unfortunately dated, and haven’t had luck compiling his example in xcode. I think ill try and make a better attempt since the power tools i’ve played with require you to setup your own GUI if you want to see the .lfp files data manipulated (such as on their desktop software/website).


I’d also be interested in finding an addon for OF to play with the illum Lytro camera… does anyone have any tip/updates on it?