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We are happy to announce the September 2015 ArrayList discussion theme: New Media Foundations: Sound!

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September 2015 theme: Sound
with guest thread leaders: Erin Gee [Concordia], Shawn Greenlee [RISD], Catherine Pancake [Temple/Tyler], Benjamin Thorp [VCU], Beth Warshafsky [Pratt]

Erin Gee, Assistant Professor, Sound Art and Gender and Technology, Concordia University
Erin Gee is a Canadian artist who explores digital culture through the metaphors of human voices in electronic bodies, working in video, performance, robotics and audio art. Recently, Gee’s work has been presented at University of Toronto Art Centre (2015), Trinity Square Video, Toronto (2015), Musée d’art contemporain de Montreal (2015), Cirque du Soleil International Headquarters, Montreal (2014), and Nuit Blanche Calgary (2014). Gee’s work combining robotics and human emotion has been reviewed in publications such as Scientific American, VICE, and National Post. Gee has published work in Leonardo Music (2013) as well as eContact! Journal of Canadian electroacoustic community, and is the creator of futurefemmes, an online blog archived by Cornell University featuring interviews, showcased work and links to relevant articles on the topic of women working in technological culture. Gee lives and works in Montreal where she teaches sound art, as well as gender and technology courses, at Concordia University.

Shawn Greenlee, Assistant Professor, Foundation Studies, RISD
Shawn Greenlee is a sound and electronic media artist. In recent performance and installation work, Greenlee focuses on generating digital audio from graphic patterns. Via computer programs of his own design, he advances new methods for interpreting visual image as sound (graphic synthesis). Further areas of investigation evident in his work include psychoacoustic phenomena, sonic environments, sound synthesis, telecommunications and noise. Greenlee is assistant professor of Foundation Studies at RISD. He earned his PhD in Computer Music and New Media at Brown University (2008), where he was affiliated with MEME (Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments). Other education includes an MA in Computer Music and Multimedia Composition from Brown University (2003) and a BFA in Printmaking from RISD (1996).

Catherine Pancake, Assistant Professor, Temple University; filmmaker, sound artist, educator
Catherine Pancake is an award-winning filmmaker and sound artist. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally in a wide variety of venues, including the Museum of Modern Art, Royal Ontario Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art, Academy of Fine Arts Prague and Big Screen Plaza, Herald Square NYC. Her awards include the Paul Robeson Independent Media Award, Jack Spadaro Documentary Award, Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award, the Silver Chris, and Edes Foundation Emerging Artist Fellowship at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her films have been broadcast in the U.S.A. and Great Britain (Sundance Channel, PBS, FreeSpeech TV, CommunityChannelUK) and are distributed by Bullfrog Films and the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. Sound art releases can be found on Ehse Records and Recorded in Baltimore. Pancake completed her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in May 2012. She is currently a member of the Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, and teaches in the Center for the Arts at Temple University. Pancake is currently working on a piece commissioned by Goldsmiths at University of London to provide creative work for “Citizen Sense”, a 1.5M (EUR) multi-year project directed by Dr. Jennifer Gabrys.

Benjamin Thorp, artist, educator
Benjamin Thorp is an environmental artist who works with sound to give form to a variety of media including sculpture, video, and installation. Much of his recent work has been public and site specific installations that engage audiences in sensory experiences that further appreciation and challenge one’s understanding of their surroundings. His work has been shown in large scale public spaces in Hong Kong and Italy, as well as in museums and galleries in the United States and Europe. Benjamin lives and works in Richmond Virginia. He is a sound designer and engineer for Black Iris Music, a curator and is currently working on projects to place sound-sculptures throughout the city. He has taught courses at Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Kentucky, Chicago State University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and workshops through Marwen School, Chicago Public Art Group amongst others. Benjamin received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute (2004) and his MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago (2010).

Beth Warshafsky, Professor, CCE, Foundation, 4D Coordinator, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
Beth Warshafsky is a NYC-based artist and teacher working in a multiple mediums and practices including video, animation and digital compositing, live visual performance and projection, digital prints and photographs, drawing, painting, artist’s books, text-based works and dance. Her work moves between analogue and digital practices, and still and moving forms.

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