Looking for experienced solderers


Hello all, as some of you know, I will be exhibiting some work in Milan in early April and need help with some soldering. I need to solder 35 circuit boards with 28 holes each, so it shouldn’t take too much time if I get a hand from some of you. My professor has agreed to buy pizza, so it should be cool.
The soldering event will take place in my studio on Friday, March 21 at 4pm. My studio is on the 14th floor of the Sullivan building. Please let me know if you can come, so i know how much pizza to order. My number is 708-833-3438 in case you dont have it.
Spend your “SPRING BREAK” soldering

-Miguel Perez


Wish I could, but I’ll be on an airplane - sorry!


Count me there! Looking forward to it :slight_smile: