Looking for an electric motor!


Hey friends! I'm trying to create a rotating box but I do not know much about electric motors. The motor will be mounted to a wall so I need it to be able to withstand perhaps at most hopefully 50–70 pounds.

The motor doesn’t have to go fast either, I would prefer it to go as slow as a ferris wheel.

My dream is to find something that just plugs in and starts running.

Where would I begin searching to find something close to this?

If this is unrealistic I’m open to suggestions, I just need a way for a box to rotate slowly on its own.



To get slow speeds, you’ll likely need gears (like in a gearhead motor) or you’ll need pulleys to take the high speed motor down to a better speed.

Additionally 50-70 lbs might be a lot for a typical motor to drive directly off of the shaft.

I would start by designing (or finding) a rotating mount that will allow the heavy box to rotate freely, then work out the drive system to rotate that box at the right speed.


This is, coincidentally, exactly what we’re doing in Actuator Design and Integration right now. If you happen to know a student in the class they can give you some good advice on this.

Here are some quick thoughts, but not a thorough answer:

I agree that you need to support the box properly, and then simply rotate it via something like a belt with a motor on the side. You’ll need to attach a strong shaft to the back of the box and support it inside of something that allows it to rotate but prevents it from sliding out. That would be a bushing or roller bearing.

I would be tempted to build a box behind your box to house the rotation supports and motor. Then you can hang that entire assembly on the wall just like any other object.

While not designed for vertical use, you might get away with using a medium size one of these:

Hope that helps get you started,


@jetonski and @bakercp

Just wanted to thank both of you so much for the help! The project is going through smoothly!

Best til then!


Coool. Can you post a photo? :slightly_smiling: