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I’m working on an interactive neon light piece that would react to certain tweets on Twitter but I have now fallen into code that is way over my head. I’m trying to program it so that one neon will turn off while another turns on in response to certain tweets or to tweets directed to a certain Twitter account.
Anyone out there who can help me figure this out?



more infos, svp …


I edited the initial post with more info? Does that help?


Yes. Here is a Processing sketch that can search Twitter for a keyword.

There is a line of code that can be used to send a message to the Arduino:

  try {
    QueryResult result = twitter.search(query);
    for (Status status : result.getTweets()) {
      // More about getting info out of a status message here
      System.out.println(status.getText());  // print the results
      // send the text to an arduino.
      // myPort.println(status.getText());  // Here you could send anything to the arduino if it matches.
  catch(TwitterException exc) {

You’ll need to have a simple arduino program that can respond to on / off messages.

You’ll also need to create a developer API key to fill in these fields:

String oAuthConsumerKey = "";
String oAuthConsumerSecret = "";
String oAuthAccessToken = "";
String oAuthTokenSecret = "";

at the top.

Go to http://dev.twitter.com and log in and “create application”.

… and of course, ask questions here!

The Arduino Project is below …

ArduTweet_V2.zip (260.2 KB)


Oh geez, I might be in way over my head…


No way! It’s easy :smile:

Let’s break it down. What components do understand / not understand?


I’ll try playing with it. I’ve only used Processing to do visual stuff/play with typography. I’ve never used it to do anything tangible and my knowledge of arduino is onlythe basics at the moment.


I don’t mean to oversimplify it, but you only need the basics on the Arduino and the processing side is mostly done for you. Check it all out … see if you can make sense of it and there are plenty of folks here and in person that can help you get it working.

Excited to see tweets + neon :smile:


How’s this going? Any progress to report? Questions?


Hey sorry it took me so long to get back. I’m looking at some code but for some reason Twitter suspended my application because it broke the terms of their agreement? But I haven’t figured out why? So, Twitter hates art.


Wow. I can’t imagine how you broke the terms – did they say specifically what terms? Perhaps you were accessing too much information too fast or something?


Hey @bakercp are you around the Loop today (Thursday) and can help me out?


If you still need help with this, send me a message.

Daniel Jay Bertner


@danbertner Yes and yes! Are you going to be around the Loop this week?


Sure! Send me an email danbertner(@)gmail(dot)com to exchange info / schedule a time