Live Feed Twitter


Hello Everyone!

–I’m currently trying to start a project that involves getting live tweets from twitter.

I had a friend who worked on a project that involved people typing in their twitter usernames and that would allow users to have conversations with their twitter icons.

For my project’s first iteration, I just want to find a way to create a program that would displayText a tweet every time someone presses spacebar.

I’m open to coding this in any type of language but I was considering just using Processing.

What I’m hung up on is figuring out how to get live information on the latest tweets. The latest tweet could be from a specific hashtag if that is more simple but currently I just want to know if it’s even possible to get the latest live tweets and sift it through processing to display just the text of the tweet in a any way.



hey Koy, u’re in luck Daniel Shiffman just released a set of tutorials ( few days ago ) for how to do this with P5js >>