Lidar Data to Unity


Does anyone know how to transfer lidar data to unity???




Hi! I thought about using Unity in the past but ended up bailing on it and switching to processing to do some work last semester.

Here’s a point cloud viewer I was considering when I started researching though:!/content/19811

What format is your file in?


If the Lidar data you have is ASCII format, I think you can just push line by line
to create dot/point in Unity (you may need to write/find a shader to render them).
but if the lidar data is LAZ or LAS format, convert it to XYZ format first.
here’s LAStool

idk if there’s anyone who’s interesting in this but
I will throw what I found:
sample Lidar datat
importing point cloud data to Unity

keep us updated how it goes
sounds really fun to do :slight_smile: