iRobot Create 2


Has anyone had a chance to play with these? I have been working with them lately and am writing a library. Everything works for the most part though I am having issues decoding the sensor data. I should clarify that I am receiving the data just fine, it’s just not formatted the way iRobot outlined in their Open Interface 2 guidelines.

If you are curious my git repository is here;


I haven’t played with it yet, but it looks like a cool platform. Do you have any project ideas in mind?


I mean there are always the easy ones that come to mind like draw bots etc… It would be cool to give them some kind of swarming ability but I don’t know if their IR sensors can transmit data. Obviously there are ways of adding this feature using other sensors that can communicate with a arduino or raspberry pi.

I think literally everyone has brought up DJ Roomba because of parks and rec. The museum has 3 of these, 1 of which I have with me for development reasons.

Part of the purpose of them is to teach beginning robotics and programming to kids but it would be nice to have some projects they can work towards already worked out.