How to use the ofxVideoRecorder addon?


Hi all,

I try to figure out how to use the ofxVideoRecorder addon to record Kinect’s depth images. So far I don’t get any luck. I used the project generator to add the ofxVideoRecorder, but got some errors while building the project. Such as…

Semantic Issue:
No member named ‘MultiByteToWideChar’ in the global namespace
Use of undeclared identifier ‘CP_UTF8’
Use of undeclared identifier ‘CP_ACP’

Does anyone know how to use this addon?

I’m using v0.8.4

Thank you!


What platform are you on? I am assuming windows since the function you are describing is really specific to Windows that deals with converting WChar to standard char data types. I am the one who ported that addon to windows but I have not tried it on 0.8.4. Is there a reason you need to use the older OF version as I am pretty sure it should work for all version 0.9+