How to upload Unity game to website (like Cargo or other personal blog)


I try to use google drive to host a unity file and share the link, But it didn’t work. :fearful:
my step is

  1. I build and run the unity file and choose web player as a platform.
  2. I got two files(.html and.unity3d )
  3. I create a new folder in google drive and drag this two files in, then I changed the share setting to public on the web. and copy the sharable link.

Is there other ways I can upload my interactive piece to the website. :mask:

Thank you and have a great summer.


Have you checked out this page on sharing website with Google Drive? I believed you skipped the last two steps - you need to share a link that looks like this: “[doc id]”

If Google Drive doesn’t work out, you could use Github Pages to host your game for free (tutorial), but it’s a more complicated process.

You might also check out for free hosting.

The alternative is to spend some money on a web server where you can host the html & unity build yourself.


Thank you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~