Git Lfs errors


i’m trying to upload some files, not super larger 10 - 150mb to github using git lfs
( ) and i’m not having much success, has anyone been able to get this to work, or have had experience using it?

i’m getting an error message that my credentials (password) are wrong - but i’m 99.9% certain this is not the case.

i’m also getting errors where i just refuses to post and suggests i used git lfs.

i’ll rerun it and post msgs from terminal later - just curious if anyone has used it rn


Git has recently stopped allowing large file uploads into version-controlled repositories. Instead they are now using git large file storage (LFS)

Since git is best at version control for text based source files, they are basically requiring people to use best practices and host large binary files elsewhere (such as in their LFS system).


so should i post the files to my own server and use git to version control them


I think that’s up to you. The advantage of the LFS system is that you can keep references to various versions of large binary files associated with your tracked code. If you aren’t tracking versions of your book, then you probably don’t need to use git-lfs. It’s a little tricky to give advice though without knowing exactly what you are trying to upload. I’m assuming that if it’s 10-150MB, then it’s probably not just text.


i;'m uploading .stl files for the most part.

i went with thingiverse in the end. i just like the idea i suppose of
sharing this thru github - that feels like the right community and the
right place to locate it - i went with thingiverse in the end for now - but
i’ll probably share it on other sites once it is in a final iterative state