Error Uploading Kali Linux to SD Card (For Raspberry Pi)


Trying to upload Kali Linux on an SD card to run on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and receiving this error.

The action “Run Shell Script (eject sd)” encountered an error.

I had downloaded the Raspberry Pi 2 ARM image from site
and used unarchiver to switch it from .xz to .img file

I found this - saying that the error message is common and to dismiss it

but, when I tried to run an nmap scan to access the Pi in ssh mode, it wouldn’t recognize that it exists even when plugged in via ethernet.

anyone else have the same issue?


Hm … I think this is missing some information. What platform are you using? What instructions are you following? What kali linux distribution are you using?


Solved it already, thank you!

it was just the application I was using to build the sd card that wasn’t working