Data Rules Everythign Around Me :: Lori Emerson


hey yawwwl, our last d.r.e.a.m. { data rules
everything around me } of the season is happening tomorrow night!
very xcited to have Lori Emerson joining us from Colorado

Lori Emerson
Dec.4,2015 :7PM :1550 N.Milwaukee Ave #3

“What if, as Internet pioneer John Day puts it, ‘the Internet is an
unfinished demo’ and we have become blind not only to its flaws but also
to how and why it works the way it works? What if the technical
underpinnings of the Internet could have been and may still be utterly
different?” Lori Emerson will discuss her current project “Other Networks”,
a two-part book project that moves through both technical and
user-based accounts of networks preceding and outside of the Internet,
asking both “how does it work?” and “for whom does it work?” The goal of
her project is partly to unsettle US-centric narratives about the
history of the Internet and partly to imagine alternatives to the
current Internet by looking at early incarnations of networks.

d.r.e.a.m. ( Data Rules Everything Around Me )

Privacy has been pronounced dead; allegedly “free” services cost us
troves of personal data; our governments know more about us than we do
ourselves. No one actually “Agrees” to these “Conditions”, yet short of
abandoning all modern conveniences, resistance seems futile. But fear
not! There are loads of projects and people working on ways to take back
our digital agency. Data Rules Everything Around Me (d.r.e.a.m.) is a
roughly-monthly series devoted to openly discussing these topics.
Featured writers, artists, developers and other cultural producers are
invited to share their research and perspectives on the data that fuels
the systems that run our world.

d.r.e.a.m is developed + moderated by Nick Briz && Jon Satrom in Chicago, IL.