Coding Proximity Sensor to Heart Rate Monitor


Hello all,

Currently I need some help finalizing code that I have been working on.

The premise is to use a heart rate monitor to capture Beats Per Minute (BPM) of a person and display their status via NeoPixel LED strip. Currently that is complete.

The next, and final step to my project is to add a proximity sensor that will take in data of some object or person that steps in front of the proximity sensor and flash the status of BPM. If there is nothing in front of the proximity sensor then it will not flash.

Here’s a link with all the code that I have taken from a source that has been modified to work with what I currently want to do. Folder with Arduino Code via Google Drive

I believe I have something but am not sure what I must do further to make this code a success.

Thank you for help and feedback in advance.


Seems that you got this figured out – any remaining issues?