Capacitive Sensor Arduino (Bass Cat)


I’m thinking about adopting this tutorial and installing it inside the taxidermy cat. Do you guys think it will work? I would put the sensors on the neck under the fur. I obviously woudn’t use carrots, thinking about using maybe copper foil? Do you think could be activated under the fur? Or do you guys have any other suggestions?

Thank you for your help.


This looks like a good direction. Also for reference, there are some dedicated capacitive sensor chips out there (see sparkfun) – also the Teensy line of arduino-like boards have touch sensors pins built in I believe.


This is what I use when I want to make my own.

The higher the resistance you use I think the larger EM field it produces. I have a ton of super high resistance resistors 1M ohm - 10M ohm that you can use for free. I bought them in packs of 100 and have not really found another use for them yet