Cannot open project in ofSketch


Hm. I’m going to install xcode 7 and see if I can get this figured out this afternoon. I’ll post here as soon as I find a solution.


:grin:thank you so much


OK! @AdrianChe I installed Xcode 7 and I think I figured it out … please copy the contents of this makefile instead of the previous linked:

Let me know how it goes!


awesome!!! It works. Btw, what about to open an openFramework project in Xcode ide? Are they same?


To use openFrameworks with Xcode 7, I think you’ll have to use the latest release (0.9.0) – but it hasn’t been released officially yet because it’s still being tested. I doubt 0.8.4 will work with Xcode7 without a bunch of updates. If you want to give it a try though, you could download the OSX “nightly” builds at the bottom of this page and see if you can get any of the examples to run.


Also, there are a few people on the openFrameworks forum discussing Xcode 7 compatibility. You may find some tips there


Since this, I posted an updated version of ofSketch to download with these fixes included. You can find it here.