Battery Powered Arduino... AA or 9v? BaSs CaT =^.^=


I need batteries to power my arudino bass cat for a minimum of a couple of hours at a time. Been reading lots of threads about using AA or 9v and which is more power efficient. People are saying AA is better… what do you guys think? It would have to power an arduino with about 2 capacitive sensors and an Adafruit waveshield with about a 3" speaker, I might add an extra amp and larger speaker to the configuration if need be.



Does it have to be a standard size or could it be a lithium polymer rechargeable battery?




Depends on the chemistry of the battery and your amperage draw

AA batteries will offer a longer lifecycle but in terms of efficientcy thats all relative, is 6 AAs better than 1 9v? I think a rechargable lithium Ion battery like Chris suggested is honestly the best route but if your looking for standard batteries it really depends on the amount of space you are ok with your battery pack taking up and the overall amperage you need over time. If we assume an average of 200 milliamps drawn then an average 9V would net you about 2.5-3 hours.


thanks for the suggestions on the batteries Ill look into all of that!


P.S. If you are looking for people to make this thing with you, this forum would be a good place to barter for some help :smile: