Art Space Accessibility Chicago


In 2012, Jessica Westbrook and I had the unfortunate, and for us, embarrassing, experience of inviting an amazing collaborative couple to a new media art event that only one of the two could attend. The other person, who was a mentor to me in graduate school, could not attend because he used a wheelchair and the art space selected for the event was utterly wheelchair inaccessible.

What we quickly learned was that a great many of Chicago’s art spaces were wheelchair inaccessible. We decided at the time to create an online database of Chicago art spaces and who they include via their structure. We’re now returning to that goal. We have access to an initial database of Chicago art spaces and their accessibilty. We want to create a structure that shares this information and allows the addition of new information. We also think that this source might push art spaces to move towards greater accessibility and we want to provide information as to how the City can support that goal (or document the lack of resources, pushing the City to support that goal).

We are looking for collaborators for this site. The meta-goal would be a database that serves not only Chicago but might be expanded for any and all cities. We have no preference as to approach, web tech, host, etc. If you’re interested in this, please reply here or PM me and we can move towards a working group to make this happen.