About stepper motors


I am wondering if anyone can recommend to me a Stepper motor controller. I am going to be using it with a teensy 3. Will something like adafruit arduino motor shield be compatible? or perhaps the Pololu A4988 Drivers are better (they are cheaper).

I have almost 0 (zero) experience with these motor things.



What are the specifications on the motor you want to control? There are lots of options and most will work … it mostly depends how big your motor is (how much current it requires).


this is what I have — http://www.mpja.com/Stepping-Motor-NEMA-17-10-Ohm/productinfo/19533%20MS/
a NEMA-17 10ohm uni-polar. I think its rated for 12v, but thats just a guess.


Is that the same motor they have in SAIC’s Resale?

While you could certainly get the dedicated driver chip (they have some advantages) for a really cheap and easy start, you might consider a collection of Mosfets+Diodes, TIP+Diodes or a Darlington Array along with the built-in Stepper functions in Arduino.

We carry the ULN2803 Darlington array in resale for $0.50 or so. The TIP and mosfet transistors are also available. Basically the Darlington array is like using 4 TIPs or Mosfets (plus their diodes) all in one small package.

If you go that route and you’re willing to document your process I’m happy to just give you any of those components from the class locker :smile:

That said, the Adafruit shield works great. It’s just a bit pricey and does way more than you need it to. But it may save you some time.


Hi Chris,
Thanks for the response and all the info. I think a good place for me to start is the Darlington Array setup. I think I can get that working fairly quickly.
The motor is from resale, seemed like a good place to start.