[2014-12-05] Media Futures Exhibition Opening!


Media Futures opens tonight at the Sullivan galleries. Quite a few ATS folks involved!

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December 2–February 14
Reception: Friday, December 5, 4:30–7:00 p.m.
Sullivan Galleries, 33 S. State St., 7th floor

From social media to drone warfare, networked digital technologies permeate our lives. If media do indeed “determine our situation,” as theorist Friedrich Kittler so boldly claims, MEDIA FUTURES asks: “what are our media, now?” Sandboxing approaches at SAIC, students of a graduate seminar co-taught by Adelheid Mers and Shawn Decker took a cue from devised theater, in which a script is created by means of a collaborative and improvisatory process, with the resources at hand. MEDIA FUTURES is the result of an open-ended and ad-hoc mode of “devised curation,” a way of thinking, asking, and researching that enabled students to explore multiple roles in the process.

This exhibition was curated by Abraham Avnisan, Ekaterina Balueva, Ellen Brinich, Yunru Huang, Yuehao Jiang, Angela Kim, Jaehyun Kim, Mirong Kim, Alyssa Larkin, Leah Mackin, Matt Mehlan, Xinqi Tao and Nhung Walsh, and led by SAIC Faculty Shawn Decker and Adelheid Mers.

Participating artists include Kayla Anderson, Abraham Avnisan, Brannon Dorsey, Guy Eytan, Jaehyun Kim & Jimin Song, Mirong Kim, Kevin B. Lee, Zach Lona, Leah Mackin, Matt Mehlan, Alyssa Moxley & Ramona Stout, Huong Ngo & Or Zubalsky, Patrick Segura, Nhung Walsh, Krissy Wilson, Sarp Kerem Yavuz, Hyounsang Yoo, Yuan Zheng, and Tobias Zehntner.