10 stepper motor control by one arduino board


I want to control 10 stepper motors on one Arduino board just in same simple motion(but not synchro). Which kind of driver is the most easy way? How can I parallel connect them on bread board and how to calculate external power( separately or totally)?


So just to clarify, do you want them to be stepping at the same time or does each motor step at a different time? I understand that you don’t need them to by synchronized, but that could mean different things.

If they are all controlled independently the answer is pretty straightforward. If they are all stepping at the same time, it is a little bit more complicated, but not too bad.


They are moving in different time.


Controlled independently means one motor by one driver?


Things get very complicated if you want to have consistent movement over that many motors. stepping the motors is easy, the timing is the complex part which is why Chris was asking how things are supposed to step, i.e all at the same time, or independently. the easiest way is to use a timing variable and modular math to figure out stepping intervals but that will lead to semi inconsistent timing. If you are using a stepping library like AccelStepper then just make multiple objects for each motor.

I would suggest this as a stepper since its the most straight forward in my opinion

The motor you posted as your initial comment says at maximum draw its 1.5 amps, you probably wont need that but its always better to have more than not enough, get at least a 20 amp power supply (10 motors at 1.5 amps = 15 amps minimum)