openLab Events

This category represents open events organized by members of the openLab. Posts that appear in this category will automatically show up on our events page, which means that lots of people will see it!


Here is a place for general conversation. If it doesn't fit elsewhere, put it here. We'll move it or create a new category if it makes sense.


This is where we talk about the discussion itself. How can we better organize our conversations? How can we better facilitate discourse?


This is a broad category for discussion about open tools. Many existing tools already have their own categories. If you'd like to add a new category, contact the administrator.


This category is a place where we can have discussions about the openLab itself.


This is a broad category for talking about "concepts" rather than specific tools and implementation details.

openLab Projects

This category is a place to collect open source efforts and projects.


This category is a place to talk about and plan workshops.

General Events

This is the place to post any events that might be of interest to the openLab community.


Let's talk about data.